Last modified on January 21, 2007 - Keith - Japan - Kana

Hiragana/Katakana Training Program

New Now includes Katakana!

Kana is a Windows95 hiragana/katakana training program. I have written this program to help myself learn Japanese kana in preparation for my trip this summer to Japan as part of the NSF Summer Institute in Japan Program. I am making this program available on the web as a service to the other members of the Summer Institute Program.

This program is provided without warranty. Use at your own risk. (compressed file, 43164 bytes)
Kana-zip.exe (self-extracting compressed file, 59558 bytes)
Kana.exe (executable program, 145332 bytes)

A Windows 3.1 version of Kana in which I can't get the dialog boxes to work. :-( Also, this version doesn't beep when an incorrect guess is made. (compressed file, 38141 bytes)
Kana31-zip.exe (self-extracting compressed file, 54535 bytes)
Kana31.exe (executable program, 129524 bytes)

Version History

Version 1.11 - added double size kana, enter can now be used instead of clicking on the OK button

Version 1.10 - added katakana script

Version 1.00 - initial version