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Quote of the day: "Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition." --Isaac Asimov

Sports photography is one of my favorite types of photography. It is very challenging because of time pressures, poor lighting, and especially with my old non-autofocus equipment. It can also be very frustrating when you miss a shot that you know would have been great, but just didn't happen. But it can be rewarding as well.

I started doing sports photography when I was a photographer for La Vie--the weekly campus newspaper of Lebanon Valley College, my undergrad Alma Mater. I photographed almost every sport at LVC, and soon became somewhat obsessed with sports photography. When I arrived at Dartmouth College I continued shooting sports, something that may not have been wise since it was my first year in the Computer Science graduate program (homework, homework, and more homework). But it was nice to have a diversion... I worked for The Dartmouth and The Sports Weekly to support my sports photography "jones." Lately, I haven't been doing very much photography (trying to finish my Ph.D.) but every once in a while I still indulge myself.