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Quote of the day: "Perfection is reached, not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I've always been a sports fan, ever since I can remember watching ABC's Wide World of Sports on Saturday afternoons as a kid. Unfortunately, I was not a natural athlete although I did compete in soccer and track in high school. I also ran, rode bike, tried to play basketball and tennis, and threw a low of frisbees. Unfortunately, in the early 80's I had a knee injury which slowed me down. On top of that I didn't take care of it so I kept reinjuring it until I finally needed surjery--twice--to remove cartilage. Somewhere along the line I also tore me ACL which definitely changed my sports selection: no more jumping sports. Even running was touch-and-go, so I started looking for non-impact sports. Luckily I rediscovered roller skating with a new twist: Rollerblades. At that time (~1996) Rollerblades were new and only used by hockey players for off-season training. I got a pair and, as they say, the rest is history. I've been inline skating ever since. Coming to Dartmouth has increased by repertoire, adding rock climbing and ice hockey.

Here are links to my pages for sports which I play:

I also like to photograph sports. To see my sports photography pages go here.

If you know a young girl or boy who likes sports, check out The Broadway Ballplayers home page for some great books about kids having fun playing sports and learning some lessons about life.